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Pure Source NutritionBerry de Mey Nutrition brings you honest supplements that are effective. Their efficiency has been proven in practice and in scientific studies. Hundreds of thousands of athletes have used them and have experienced their worth, and scientific trials have confirmed these experiences.

At the same time, our products are simple and often even down-to-earth plain. We do not bring you complex supplements with lengthy lists of exotic additives. Instead, we focus on basic active ingredients with proven efficiency, of which we believe, no, know for certain that our buyers will benefit.

Our company's philosophy is manifested in two words that we have given to all our products as our credo. Pure Source. These two words express exactly what we strive to supply and the values in which we believe. Pure Source means that we always use the best ingredients, coming from the best producers and suppliers. But the concept of Pure Source goes beyond the appreciation of purity and quality. Pure Source also represents recognition of the basics. And most of all the power of simplicity.

A special group of products within Berry de Mey Nutrition is our ProElite line. These products are realized through co-operation between De Mey and supplements-expert Willem Koert. Koert, who is the driving force behind the websites ergogenics.org and ergo-log.com, knows the worlds of nutraceuticals, sports supplements and science of nutrition inside out. For years he has been separating facts from fiction, science from stupidity, and supplements that work from supplements that are letdowns.

The philosophy of the ProElite line is that of supporting synergy. The components in the ProElite line are scientifically proven to enhance one anothers' efficiency. The joining forces of Koert's and De Mey's expertise make the ProElite line a valuable newcomer in the world of sports supplements. Naturally, all ingredients of the ProElite line are Pure Source.