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Arginine ProElite
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Pea Protein Isolate 1 Kg
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Vit & Mineral ProElite
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I have been training now for more than 30 years, and I wouldn't even dream of giving this up. All this time I have also paid attention to my food, never just ate something. You are what you eat, I have always believed, and I am not about to change this. It may sound strange, but after I gave up my career in professional bodybuilding in 1994, I only became more motivated to continue training and to continue to be aware of what I ate.
I have two reasons. First is the pleasure I take from my sport and lifestyle. I enjoy it still as much as thirty years ago when I first encountered my sport.
Secondly, I hold on to my lifestyle because I am increasingly aware that working out, a good diet and a conscious way of life keep me healthy.
I notice it every day, and I also see this reflected in the articles scientists write about this. By now, everyone is well aware that your way of life partly decides your health, even though unfortunately this awareness does not always show in our society. Researchers, educators, TV shows, websites and magazines can tell you how you can live life healthier, but eventually you are the one that has to do it. You will have to find the strength to change your way of life.
For more information about how you can make your way of life get you as healthy as possible, you can visit my informative website Berry de Mey Blog.

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