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Fitness and sport nutrition

Creatine ProElite
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Fast Matrix Protein Blend 2 Kg
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Vit & Mineral ProElite
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Thirty years ago, my brother Jorgen and I made an important discovery. How hard and smart we trained only partly decided how much progress we made. Even more important as the hours we had trained were the hours in which we did not. Rest and nutrition determined whether we felt fit or exhausted after our workout. Whenever we wanted to shed a few pounds of body fat, our rest and diet schedules decided how. Did we actually just break down fat, or were we losing muscle mass as well? The key was to optimize all parts of our lifestyle, not only in our training.
Jorgen uses the knowledge he has acquired over the years for instance in his work as a personal trainer to Hollywood stars like Angelina Jolie and Ben Affleck. He also used it in his best-seller Action Body Hero. Jorgens success shows not only that he is a great fitness coach. It also says something about the important role bodybuilding played in the fitness movement.  
Thirty years ago, the outside world found our experiments strange. Now the methods that we, and countless other bodybuilders with us, have developed are "commonplace". Hundreds of thousands of people use them now to get fitter, healthier and to slim down. The bodybuilders of that time have become the fitness pioneers of today.

For more information about lifestyle and fitness I refer to my informative website Berry de Mey Online.

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