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Losing weight using supplements

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When someone says 'I lost weight', then peoples' automatic reaction is usually positive. If you are overweight, isn't losing weight the healthiest thing you can do? I wish it were that simple. When people ask me how they can best lose weight - which often happens - I must first explain that there is such a thing as a good way to lose weight, and therefore also a bad way.
That being overweight is unhealthy goes without saying, but when obese people lose weight by following a diet, they usually do not get any healthier. That is because it is not being overweight in itself that is unhealthy, but having too much body fat. Researchers believe that excessive fat layers emit certain compounds that increase the risk of diabetes, heart attacks and some forms of cancer. Muscle tissue, on the other hand, is healthy. Muscles give off compounds that make us healthier. Myokines, they are called.
With many obese people, the balance between fat and muscle is upset. They have too much fat compared to the amount of muscle.
Losing weight in a healthy way means decreasing the amount of body fat while the muscle mass remains the same or even gain, losing weight is unhealthy when it is mainly the muscle mass that reduces. And that is exactly what often happens: people who are on a diet eat less and do nothing else. The result is that they might lose more muscle than fat.
Fortunately, something can be done about this. Weight training keeps the muscles strong, sophisticated cardio training can give persons who want to lose weight a push in the right direction. A well balanced diet with adequate protein and healthy fats will help to maintain muscle mass. You can read more about this on my informative website Berry de Mey Online.

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