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Supplements for endurance

BCAA's 300 gram
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Beta-Alanine ProElite
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Whey Pure 2 Kg
€ 49.95
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Endurance athletes such as runners and cyclists are often critical people. They are immune to fads and trends. They want to be sure that a new form of exercise, a new diet or supplement works before they give it a try. In itself, this is a healthy attitude, but the flip-side of that approach is that many endurance athletes on both amateur as pro level miss out on the opportunities that are there.
Indeed, there are diet trends you'd better not get involved in as a serious athlete, and supplements that do not live up to their claims. There are extreme training methods that will only have effect for people with a particular aptitude.
But there are also proven methods that can definitely take endurance athletes on a higher plane. A well balanced diet with adequate protein helps cyclists recover faster after their exercise, and some customized strength training will improve runners and cyclists perform significantly better.
Although I am from another branch of sports, I sometimes coach marathon runners. I once coached a runner who was totally exhausted after every match. After I had worked with him, he not only ran the marathon in his personal record time, but after his run he had enough energy left for a stroll.

If you want to know more about how to improve endurance performance through diet, supplements and intelligent training techniques, you will find more information on my informative website Berry de Mey Online.

On this page a selection of our products that fit into the lifestyle of endurance athletes who want to broaden their horizons.