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Supplements for Bodybuilders

Creatine 300 gram
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Weight Gainer Pro 2 Kg
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Whey Protein Isolate 2 Kg
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Bodybuilding is quite unique. There is no other sport in which athletes are so well aware of the latest scientific developments, and where the willingness to examine complex exercise training, science of nutrition and biology is so great. Almost any bodybuilder is not only a passionate sportsman but also a walking medical encyclopedia. Armed with that knowledge bodybuilders are constantly experimenting with training, nutrition and supplements.
I am no exception to this. I have also read - and still read - anything about my sport that I can get my hands on. In addition, I spoke with scientists and doctors. From all this I have undoubtedly learned a lot. But my main mentor was my own body, and the books that have taught me most were my own logs, in which I wrote down all I did. I can still look up all I did to prepare myself for every Mr Olympia competition I participated in, every capsule of BCAAs, every gram of creatine, every sip of milk, every bite of chicken, each set, each rep and each kilo-weight of iron that I lifted. I also recorded my weight and fat percentage, so I could analyse later what had worked - and what not.

Most of what I have learned about bodybuilding, training, nutrition and supplements comes from that. Scientific knowledge is valuable, but practical knowledge is essential.

The great thing about knowledge is that you can keep on sharing it, without it ever running out. That is what I do on Berry de Mey Online.

On this page you can find a selection of our products that fit into a bodybuilders' lifestyle.