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05 August 2013

Stackers for more energy?


This is not the first time I use a question that was asked by an acquaintance as the topic of a blog. This time I will use an issue that was raised by a young woman. Actually, I will post my reply here as I emailed it to her.

Her dilemma:
“I do not have sufficient energy for all the things I want to do. Therefore I recently used stackers a few times. It gave me enough energy, but I do not want to use these because I know it’s not healthy.”

My reply:
“Thank you for your honest email. This way I know the facts and am better able to give you advice and I know there is no need any more to tell you that stackers are not healthy and yet I will ;-)

Stackers will certainly provide more energy. But this is not the vitality that comes from a body full of energy. Stackers actually goes against that. You do not really have the energy, but you pep up your brains (that is what you are doing) and so you take even more energy away because you start using your stock. You wish for something that is not there. All right, all right, this you already knew.

Progress in training and more energy start with: eat well and REST well. Make sure you get good nights. Also in this top three: supplements!

When you train (no matter the kind of training) you break down your body/muscles. The right supplements do nothing but provide your body with exactly that what it needs to recover. People often say: ‘I eat well, I can get all the substances I need from my food.’ And they are partly right. But not wholly. A supplement is refined food. Take Arginine for instance. A truly excellent amino acid that you can find in cashews. But to ingest the amounts that will truly benefit you as an athlete, you would have to eat half a kilo of cashew nuts each day. Which is of course not right for several other reasons. By using a certain supplement, you get exactly that substance from food that you need for a specific goal.

It’s like the difference between a regular car and a Formula 1 race car. As a busy mother of three, with your own business, and the wish to train real hard and to make serious progress you actually demand your body to perform as a Formula 1 racing car.

There is no magic elixir. It is all about the right balance between many, many pieces. If you do it right, these pieces can form the puzzle. Basically you need to optimize all variables as good as you can. Stackers don’t give you balance, but disturb it because you try to compensate pieces with other pieces.

What can you take? I always advice: start with just a few things, so you know what has brought about change. After a couple of weeks you can analyse what has happened and make adjustments if needed. In your case I would say:

BCAA's ProElite and Arginine ProElite before your training. After training a Whey Isolate shake (do check how these fit in your diet, also considering the proteins in your food). To plan the Whey right after your training is good because it then gives you the right amino acids that you need for recovery.

An alternative for stackers

I just said you should not take anything to pep you up. And yet, we sell Energy ProElite. A booster as well, but nothing like a stacker. It consists of herbs that will keep you sharp. Men’s Health UK has voted it third in Best Concentration enhancers. Myself, I take just one and only when I have a long day ahead of me in which I need my brains about me.

Energy ProElite is often used together with Weight Loss ProElite, by both men and women who want to lose fat. Here is a blog about Weight Loss ProElite in which you can also read about our thoughts on fat burners.
link “

And since I think that more people can benefit from my reply, I hereby share it with you all. Be happy.


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