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Blog about food supplements

12 October 2013
Diabetes and the effects of nutrition and training
Type II Diabetes and the effects of nutrition and training Physical exercise is an excellent &ldquo ...
05 August 2013
Stackers for more energy? This is not the first time I use a question that was asked by an acquaint ...
06 August 2013
Glenn van der Veen
May I introduce myself, my name is Glenn van der Veen, I am sports physiotherapist, I used to be a ...
11 May 2013
Tavi Castro shredded
Supplementation in the fitness industry ,and how people make the decisions to buy products, is a ver ...
15 January 2013
With the holiday season just over, you'd expect me to write about losing weight. I live in a small town. When I drive through the main street alone, I see four new billboards of various gyms that promise to rid you of your holiday pounds in no time. It makes me wonder why it is that everyone starts over again at the beginning of each year with a new effort? I talk and write about fat loss often, having over 30 years of experience in it. But then I thought, after seeing all that is once again advertised to help accomplish weight loss, to write a blog that once and for all tackles the problem at ...
26 November 2012
  Weight Gainer Pro All in One: unnecessary and superfluous or the perfect solution? For who and whom not? Those who are familiar with my principles about nutrition and supplements understand that a weight gainer was not in the list of my most favourite supplements. I am a big supporter of a balanced diet in which protein in almost fixed amounts serve as a foundation on which fats and good carbohydrates are added in variable quantities, all tuned to one's purpose and metabolism. When you understand this (the principle is explained in my blog "The comprehensive15-step plan for lo ...