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Pea Protein Isolate

100% NON-animal
€ 21,50 (1kg)

2 flavors:

chocolate and vanilla 

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Pea Protein Isolate 2 Kg


Finally a fully vegetable protein supplement with great taste. Suitable as a diet shake or as an constructive recovery sports shake. Pea Protein Isolate contains high quality proteins from peas. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Contains no milk or soy protein. 

Pea protein is not new, it has long been known as a super protein, yet was often neglected because, until now, the taste was simply not good. Quite an important aspect, of course.

After a lot of testing and r

€ 37.95
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Type II Diabetes - nutrition and training

12 October,2013

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05 August,2013

Stackers will certainly provide more energy. But this is not the vitality that comes from a body full of energy. Stackers actually goes against that. You do not really have the energy, but you pep up your brains (that is what you are doing)

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Berry de Mey Nutrition

If you are looking for effective and high-grade food supplements, you have come to  the right place. When Berry de Mey started weight training about 30 years ago, he immediately set the bar high, right from the start his goal  was to become world champion bodybuilding.

He figured out which training principles got the most out of his physique, experienced the importance of well-balanced nutrients en which food supplements gave him that little extra push. He read and experimented, he investigated and wrote down all progress and setbacks. This way, De Mey not only became the most successful bodybuilder ever to come from the Netherlands, but a master in the field of first class sports diets and first-rate sports supplements like BCAAs, proteins and useful carbohydrates. This expertise is now the foundation of the excellent product line of Berry de Mey Nutrition, that brings superior food supplements that are designed to provide inspired athletes the right resources to reach their personal goals. Meant for you.

Proteins, amino acids and carbs

Berry de Mey Nutrition brings an extensive range of honest food supplements for serious athletes, effective supplements of which the efficiency has often been recognised in practice and which are based on scientific studies. Yet at the same time, our products are simple. No complex supplements with long lists of incomprehensible additives, we focus on basic, pure and active ingredients with academically demonstrated effectiveness. Our philosophy is stated in our credo: Pure Source. A credo that applies to all our high grade supplements. A special group of products within our range is our ProElite line, resulted from a co-operation between De Mey and supplements-expert Willem Koert. The components of the ProElite line are scientifically proven to enhance one another’s efficiency. The joining of both men's expertise made the ProElite line a valuable newcomer in the world of sport foods and the exceptional functioning of this effective supplements assortment is repeatedly confirmed by the positive feedback of very satisfied athletes. Naturally, all ingredients of the ProElite supplements are Pure Source.

Professional range Creatine and effective amino acids

Here at Berry de Mey Nutrition, we are very proud of our ProElite-line. The developments of these superior-quality supplements is based on stacks of scientific trials from across very various fields of expertise. We put studies from nutritional science next to articles from the sports sciences and read many medical trials. This has yielded uniquely effective sports foods, in which the divers ingredients that are united in each high-quality ProElite supplement, together give much more than just the effect of the separate components. That is how ProElite has become a line of very professional food supplements. We did not hesitate to combine ancient, well-known substances like BCAAs and the highly effective creatine with recently attested ingredients. Because we believe the synergy between these had been confirmed. We, bodybuilder and supplements expert; Berry de Mey and Willem Koert. This generated a very special product range. ProElite, for first class food supplements.

Information on proteins, creatine and useful amino acids

After Berry de Mey officially ended his professional bodybuilding career in 1994, he continued to workout and to hold on to his well-considered diet. The excellent shape he is in today, proves the value of this conscious lifestyle. Wherever he goes people ask him for advice on losing weight, about the right amount of proteins, getting more energy or on how to lever up their fitness with amino acids. For those who are interested to learn more about all this, Berry regularly writes a blog. Berry writes about the use of weight training, fitness, balanced nutrition and well-designed supplements. In their blogs and on the forum, many famous Dutch guest writers and De Mey combine practical knowledge from weight training, endurance sports and PT with both familiar as well as completely new scientific insights, and put these together to form useful insights for all who want to improve their health or performance. De Mey and his fellow athletes share with you the thorough knowledge they have gained throughout the years, freely.

The proven value of proteins, creatine and other sports supplements

We proudly present Berry de Mey TV, an online sports channel on which we regularly place new video materials. We show videos with inspiring images to motivate you in your sports, but of course also images of Berry’s competitions in the 80’s which have never been shown elsewhere before, a nice video impression on Musclemania’s 2013 world champion Tavi Castro, beautiful images of boxing champion Marichelle de Jong and, in Dutch,, interviews with Olympic sprint athlete Guus Hoogmoed. For those who understand Dutch, Berry de Mey and well-known Dutch professional athletes also explain the proven value of high rate food supplements such as creatine, casein shakes and arginine. And they give useful tips on the use of sports supplements, but also valuable advice on a healthy sports diet, on effective training and the right winners mentality. You can see berry prepare the ideal post workout shake in his kitchen and explain why he chooses the various ingredients. Whether you understand Dutch or no, there is plenty to watch on this channel.